Before embarking on making make-up , it is important to make a point on the conservation of products . If they are without preservatives, they must be used faster than ordinary cosmetics. Each recipe has its own life. Another important point before you start: the material . It must be sterilized to avoid all risks.

1 / The makeup remover

Here are two homemade make -up removers for the eyes and for the complexion. To clean your face and get rid of the make – up , there is nothing like taking a tablespoon of vegetable oil , heating it in the palms of your hands and massaging your face with it. Which one to choose ? If you have oily skin , opt for jojoba oil . Your skin is dry ? Opt for sweet almond or rose hip.

To remove the make-up from your eyes , mix a tablespoon of dried chamomile flowers with 200 ml of boiling water and let the petals steep for 30 minutes. This mixture is applied on a cotton and can only be kept for one week. *

2 / The gourmet lip balm

Taking care of your mouth is very important. This sensitive area can be attacked by cold, wind, but also by your lipstick . Here is a very easy recipe: start by melting in a bain-marie a tablespoon of apricot kernel oil and the same amount of beeswax .

 Take the mixture out of the fire and wait for it to cool before adding 3 drops of vanilla essential oil. Mix well and you’re done. Be careful, this balm must be used within 6 months. **

3 / The basic black mascara

To make this recipe, you will need 20 grams of tinted mascara base , 1.8 grams of Natur’lift cosmetic active ingredient and 0.6 grams of Volum’cils cosmetic active ingredient (use a very accurate scale). 

Mix in a stainless steel bowl and let stand for 15 minutes. Mix a second time and, with a pipette, transfer all into a special mascara bottle (with a pipette). To you the lashes and delivered !

4 / The red nail polish

Yes, you can make your own nail polish ! You just need 6 grams of a neutral nail polish and 0.35 grams of red dye. Mix and put the mixture in a bottle. That’s it.*

5 / A good-looking blush

blush is very easy to do at home. Simply mix one tablespoon of cornstarch with two tablespoons of white clay in a clean bowl. Then add beetroot powder until the desired color is obtained. Your powder is ready.*


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