1 / Plastic packaging

To avoid plastics as much as possible, rely on solid care without packaging . Soaps, shampoos, deodorants … You can find everything for a very reasonable price . 

In addition to being more environmentally friendly, solid products are economical because they allow more washing than liquid products. Be careful, their composition is not always irreproachable, that’s why it is advisable to turn to organic care .

2 / The cotton swabs

The plastic swab is one of the most common detritus in the oceans. This is why from 1 January 2020, it will no longer be available for sale to individuals. 

Do not panic, you can replace it with an earwig . It is a small stick made of wood or stainless steel, washable and reusable . It should not be pushed in like a cotton swab, but simply scrape the walls of your ears to bring the excess earwax to the outside.

3 / Cleansing disks

They are small and practical, but cotton make-up disks are to be banned from a green bathroom . In addition to generating large amounts of waste, growing cotton does not respect the environment. 

It requires a lot of water and many pesticides are used for the plant to grow faster. By what to replace them? Simply by disks in washable fabrics , or by removing makeup with vegetable oil .

4 / The hygienic protections

Exit sanitary napkins or disposable pads. Turn to reusable cloth protectors or to menstrual cups. If these zero waste alternatives can be scary at first, their use is very simple . Get started!

5 / Disposable razors

They are part of our daily lives. However, there are other options for removing hair without creating waste. The first is the reusable razor in stainless steel . It can shave both the beard and other areas of your body. Just change the blade when it is worn!

6 / Toothbrushes

Another everyday plastic object that can be replaced . Simply opt for a recyclable wood brush . The effectiveness remains the same! To continue on this zero waste journey , consider using solid block toothpaste to further limit your impact on the environment.


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