7 Popular Cornrow Braid Styles Used By the People

Cornrow braids are even referred to as the latch hook braids. It is merely a technique in which the entire volume of hair is being brought together. After that people easily make twists out of it. You will feel like the weaving of the hair is being done. There is no doubt in the fact that African people make use of this styling pattern quite commonly. It is the most fashionable and evergreen hair styling pattern of the people.

Are you aware of the fact that this hair styling pattern protects your beautiful hairs? Well, yes big cornrows braids hairstyles are considered to be the protective techniques for the strands. At the same time, it even helps to provide assistance to foster the growth rate of your strands. So, if you properly take care of your strands, this is undoubtedly going to bring amazing results. You can wear the one cornrow braid in all the forms say straight, curly, in a twisting form or as per your personal choice.

How To Do Cornrow Braid Styles:

Here are the 7 best cornrow braid hairstyles for women in 2019. These are the Most stylish African hair braiding styles.

1. The Simple Braids:

The Simple Braids

Depending on the shape of your face you may decide to maintain a simple cornrow by taking it to the back. Do not have many stylish cuts or parts. You can make simple zigzags or part a little to the side. These will suit round shape faces a lot. For others, they may also opt for it if they have long hair or medium hair so that the face does not look very long.

  • Suitable for the face shape: Long, oval faces are suitable
  • Suitable occasion or party: Ideal for all the parties
  • Suitable age: Suits the kids and female of all age groups
  • Best season to wear: Best for the autumn and winter season
  • Suitable dress: It best goes with the ethnic wear

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