The end of year celebrations are a challenge for those watching their line. A small oven over here, a cup by there and here are the calories that accumulate. 

To prevent the holidays from becoming a nightmare for your line, follow our 8 tips for weight gain during the holidays. All without depriving oneself.

Do not go on an empty stomach

Before going to a party, you must eat a small snack. An apple, a yogurt, a hard-boiled egg with a tea and you’re stuck in the stomach. As a result, you will not throw yourself on the petit fours when you arrive.

A strategic place to avoid weight gain

Do not hang around by the buffet. Proximity increases temptation. Serve yourself when you are offered or make a small (reasonable) plate of petits-fours and eat it gently to appreciate and feel satiety happen.

Watch your portions

Control the size of the portions. The ideal dish consists of half a portion of vegetables, a quarter of protein and a quarter of carbohydrate. Avoid taking dishes. As for desserts, choose the ones you like the most, and take small portions.

Cunning to avoid weight gain

You can enjoy everything but you have to admit that some dishes of Eve are fat. To limit the effects on your line, cunning.

For example, you can reduce fat consumption by removing the skin from turkey or chicken. You can also eat your smoked salmon with bread but without a thick layer of butter.

Have a light weight

Pay attention to alcoholic and sugary drinks that are heavy in calories. Enjoy a small glass of champagne or preferably wine, but balance it with plenty of water, which helps to cut hunger.

Avoid spending your evening nibbling nonstop

Eat at once, not all night. If you peck all night, you will accumulate calories without ever being satisfied and especially satisfied with your holiday meals. Sit down with a plate and enjoy the holiday food. Satisfaction and balance guaranteed.

Do not keep leftovers

If you are the one who receives, offer the leftovers to your guests in the late evening. Eating a holiday meal once it’s ok … twice, it becomes a “disaster” for your hips.

Move during the party

Do not sit and eat all day or all night. Focus on conversations, rather than food. Do not hesitate to get up between each dish and walk a little. 17 not enough to boost your traffic. Get up and dance, it’s party time right?


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