No need to grind your teeth to ensure perfect hair removal , whether you use wax , an epilator or you go through the laser box for a final result, follow our ultra efficient tips for it to – almost – a pleasant moment.

1 / Prepare your skin

To guarantee hair removal without pain , it is necessary to prepare the epidermis and to choose the right moment. The day before, do a scrub of your body to remove dead cells and prepare the skin for hair removal.

 Then on the day before you bring your wax or epilator, take a hot bath or shower. The heat will soften your skin and open the pores , for a simplified hair extraction and therefore less painful. Finally, prefer to wax in the evening before going to bed, to ensure your skin a few hours of rest and recovery.

2 / Do not have hair too long

One thing is certain: the longer the hair, the more painful it will be to tear it off. N ‘not wait too long between two waxing because if the hair is short, it will be easier to extract. Know also that the more you wax, the more your hair will become fine and scattered, and the more the pain will decrease …

3 / Hold your skin

If you do not do it already, you will see that it changes your life! This is also a gesture that beautician makes when removing your hair with wax: when you epilez, be sure to stretch your skin in the opposite direction of hair removal to facilitate the passage of the hair. epilator or when you tear off a strip of wax. Then, apply pressure with the palm of your hand to immediately relieve your skin.

4 / Apply an ice cube

Are you comfortable enough and need a more radical solution? Before proceeding with the hair removal, pass on the skin an ice cube gently, or an ice-cold washcloth. It will have a temporary anesthetic effect that will allow you to epilate without suffering too much. However, note that the cold will tighten the pores of the skin, and the hair will be slightly harder to extract.

5 / Be patient

Do not rush. A strip of wax laid between two activities, and ripped off quickly will be more painful and less effective. Take the time to properly prepare your skin upstream, and then treat it well. To calm redness and pain after hair removal, do not hesitate to apply a fresh water compress on the skin, then a moisturizer before going to bed.

4 beauty tips to get rid of Couperose

The rosacea (or rosacea) is a disease of res unsightly skin that occurs most often on the face . It results in the appearance of redness , often localized on the cheeks or cheekbones. Its redness is due to dilatingblood vessels . People with very light skin are more prone to rosacea .

1 / Protect yourself from the sun

If the causes of this skin disease are still relatively unknown, dermatologists say that the sun could be a trigger factor for rosacea . 

Thus, in prevention, it is advisable to apply a high index sun protection to protect the epidermis. If you are already subject to rosacea, it is still important to limit prolonged exposure to the sun and apply a protective cream .

2 / Choose the right make-up

A skin affected by rosacea is ultra-sensitive , which is why it is necessary to adapt its make-up routine . Opt for hypoallergenic products designed for sensitive skin and pigmented enough to cover the redness . 

Preferably apply a liquid foundation with a brush to stretch it well. If it is not enough to mask the redness , have a corrector and apply it locally by small keys. That’s it !

3 / Make a good make-up removal

The cleansing is a very important step: it helps rid the skin of makeup and impurities that are deposited in it during the day. While clean skin is especially important when you have rosacea, because it is very fragile. 

How to do ? Opt for a creamy texture to apply with your fingers, such as milk or oil. Indeed, the rubbing of the cotton against the epidermis could cause irritation . Gently massage your face and rinse with water. Then spray with soothing floral water before moisturizing with proper care.

4 / Bet on home care

To calm skin irritation and reduce redness, nothing like a homemade mask . You can make one with honey, an ingredient with soothing properties . 

For this, mix a tablespoon of colloidal oatmeal powder with the same amount of oat and honey vegetable oil . Then apply all on a face previously cleaned and let act 10 minutes *. You can also apply calophyll oil, known for its anti-redness action. Your skin will be soothed and bright!


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