Each carried by a planet, the Sun, Mercury and Saturn, the lines of the hand send us messages not so hidden as that. Palmistry reveals the art of reading the future in the palm of the hand. Demonstration

How to read the lines of his hand?

As with all divinatory arts , the hand is, in Palmistry , a medium on which the seer will collect information. 

Based on knowledge empirically formalized over the centuries by chirology, the seer will however make a personal interpretation of what will reveal the lines of the hand studied. 

This is why it is particularly difficult to read the lines of one’s own hand. To learn palmistry, it is easier to read the lines of the hand of one of our relatives. And offer to interpret ours.

What is the dominant hand in the lines of the hand?

It’s easy, in Palmistry , the hand to observe to know the future is the Right hand . It is on this hand that our directions, our aspirations, and all that brings us to tomorrow are written.The Left Hand , it carries elements of understanding on the Past.

 It allows to portray a personality, but does not give information on the future. It is interesting to note the differences between the lines of Life, Heart, Head and Destiny two palms. This comparison makes it possible to understand the evolutions of the person … in broad outline.

How to identify and read the Destiny line

Starting from the bottom of the palm to the base of the middle finger (the finger of Saturn ), the line of Destiny reveals the main events of life. Often, the line of destiny shares the hand in two.

 If the thumb / index portion is larger than the ear / ring portion, our professional life holds a prominent place in relation to our private life. And conversely.

Express reading of the line of Fate:

– Very long , it crosses the palm: each experience makes it possible to advance. 
– It is cut , chopped, broken up or discontinuous: changes of course, with the need to adapt to a new environment. 
– It is invisible  : patterns and mistakes are repeated, a questioning is required. 
– It goes back to the index  : the social and professional role appears decisive. 
– It goes back to the ring finger  : great humanity and dedication towards relatives.

How to identify and read the Chance line

The line of Chance starts from any point of the right hand and goes up towards the ring finger (the finger of the Sun ). The line of chance translates into the degree of inner sunshine of our personality, that is, our ability to be generous to others. 

A well drawn line promises a beautiful fame and a triumphant destiny. About a quarter of people do not have one. That does not mean they will miss out on the celebrity. This absence rather testifies to their desire to live discreetly , without making waves.

Express reading:

– Several lines of luck are drawn under the ring finger: fortune and fame assured. 
– It starts from the line of destiny and goes back to the ring finger: your dreams come true. 
– Drawn signs (stars, crosses, islands) “bar” the line of luck: obstacles hinder the chosen orientation.

How to identify and read the Shape line

The line of Form is born at the bottom of the palm and goes towards the little finger (the finger of Mercury ). It gives information on the form and channels the energy. This is one of the lines that change most often in the right hand. 

It thus reflects the highs and lows of existence. This line reflects a strong desire to live, driven by the desire to share exhilarating moments. Not having a line of form is evidence of robust health.

Express reading:

– It cuts the line of life (relationship with the stomach and the heart) and the top line (relationship with the liver and the intestines): perfect health! 
– It is forked, branching into small branches at its end: fragile in nature, of delicate constitution. 

– It is interrupted, formed of several small parallel lines: it is the sign of a solid nature, however, undergoing some digestive disorders.

The influence of planets in the lines of the hand

Yes, as in astrology, the planets are also found in the lines of the hand. And that influences our personality. To know how, just turn the palm of our right hand (that of the future) to the sky, and be guided.

The little finger, the finger of Mercury

Quick planet, Mercury is naturally close to the little finger, agile little finger and singular, which always has something to tell … “My little finger said to me” is about as talkative as the planet Mercury astrology , which develops intuition and the gifts of divination .

 In gypsy chiromancy, it is even called “the magpie” . Smaller than the others, the little finger is also the most independent . It is agitated when one tries to catch a needle for example, as if he had his own expression. Hence his relationship with Mercury, the planet of communication and eloquence.

Psycho-decryption: If the little finger is very far from the ring finger , it reflects a need to highlight and gain the recognition of those around us. Leaning or located very close to the ring finger, there is probably fear of being abandoned .

The ring finger, the finger of the sun

In astrology, the Sun is a generous star that encourages the ego to assert itself. And for that, the image that sends us around is essential. This is why the Sun has taken up residence in the ring finger , the finger of marriage , symbolized by the alliance that we wear for better and for worse. 

In astrology, this star is attached to the sign of Leo , whose sensitive point is the heart . However, according to an ancient Greek and Roman belief (borrowed from the Egyptians), the ring finger communicates directly with the heart. This may explain why it’s the warmest of fingers!

Psycho-deciphering: When all the fingers seem “magnetized” towards the ring finger, it is the sign of exceptional creative and artistic talents . 

If the ring finger is leaning or close to the middle finger , the professional development will be at the cost of intense effort … A career earned on merit.

The middle finger, the finger of Saturn

In astrology, Saturn symbolizes time , and in our earthly space time determines the duration of our existence. In chirology, Saturn is found in the major, symbolizing the restriction of the inner life (as opposed to the expansive side of the index ruled by Jupiter). 

This finger, above all others, is in search of truth , eager for knowledge. It represents an axis in our hand: that of destiny.

Psycho-decryption: Closer to the ring finger, the middle finger expresses a great emotivity masked behind an austere appearance. Rather leaning towards the index , our personality is affirmed by the work and the search for recognition.

The index finger of Jupiter

In astrology, Jupiter is a benevolent planet that animates and sets in motion . Now, action enables us to reach what corresponds to us. It also symbolizes expansion , open-mindedness, and nestles in the index. 

An authoritative finger (the teacher shakes the index to warn the student) but does not cheat (put your finger on the problem). Jupiter reacts like the index: if he feels threatened, he retaliates: he orders, he slices, he points out. 

The index is mobile, with a stronger musculature than the other fingers. The man by his index, finally expresses his thought.

Psycho-deciphering: If the index leans towards the major , the family problems prevent us from realizing our ambitions. The energy, poorly channeled, circulates with difficulty. 

When the index is very detachedfrom the major, we have great ambitions … for meager results, unfortunately.

The thumb, the finger of the Earth

Through the thumb, the Earth appears as the starting point of the horoscope since this finger is directly related to our personality, to what characterizes us as a human being. 

He is the spirit , the reason, the rebel or the submission. The thumb expresses the will , the way of apprehending each situation. But he also judges (like the Romans in antiquity), solicits (by hitchhiking), plays (the game of two inches), hides(we can hide it under the other fingers). 

And if the child who comes into the world sucks his thumb, it’s because his individuality is not yet marked.

Psycho-decryption: The more the gap between thumb and index is reduced, the more the personality submits to authority. 

Conversely, the more it increases, the more the individual intends to assert himselfthrough all the love he can provide around him.

The mountains and the reliefs to read in the palm of the hand

Mount of Venus : The other four fingers can touch it by folding. Only the thumb can not reach it, proof that the mind (expressed by the thumb) can not govern the desires and the emotions. We find the five senses and the taste for what is beautiful.

Your mount of Venus is balanced (neither big nor weak): 

you enjoy the pleasures of life. Love is the big business of your existence. You like to seduce, for the taste of the game more than to make hearts beat. 

Developed (curved, fleshy, firm to the touch): 

you pay particular attention to the pleasures of the flesh. During your existence, you can live crazy passions or unusual experiences. 

Flat (without relief): 

you lack vitality and fear conflicts. Side hugs, you must feel confident before agreeing to give up.

Mount of the Moon : It symbolizes everything related to art, imagination and travel. The more lines you have on Moon Mountain, the more you will travel the world. 

Well proportioned (neither too fleshy nor too flat); you will like to seduce and slip a touch of fantasy into your life. You often need to escape, literally and figuratively, without ever lulling yourself into illusion. 

Developed (fleshy, curved and firm to the touch); if you travel, it’s mostly in your head. Your imagination is fertile and you exploit it through the arts or writing. You are ultra sensitive, subject to blows of cockroach followed by periods of great euphoria.

Mount of Mars : There lies your strength, your ability to overcome hardships. 

Developed (prominent, fleshy): the trials are numerous and require strength and courage to overcome them. 

Flat (little marked, soft and without relief): you lack confidence in yourself and give up, for fear of having to face tests too difficult to overcome. 

An important mount (forming a large gap between the heart line and the head line): you overflow energy and have several strings to your bow. You like to work freely and innovate constantly.

The plain of Mars, in connection with instinct: It is commonly called the hollow of the hand . If the mount of Mars evokes the strength of resistance and the coolness in the face of obstacles, the plain of Mars testifies to the actions that one leads instinctively. 

A good plain of Mars is firm, fleshyand without excess. The more it is hard and bulging , the less reasoning matters, the more the actions can have serious consequences. One or more stars presage sentimental complications: betrayal, lies and adultery. If there is a divorce during life, it will be long and expensive.


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