Learn how to manage food cravings, eat better on a daily basis, reduce stress-related snacking, or support management for eating disorders … Find out what weight loss hypnosis is, what it is and what it is we can expect this gentle method.

Therapeutic hypnosis to lose weight

The hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness, we speak of hypnotic trance. To lose weight , it is not hypnosis of spectacle, but therapeutic hypnosis, medical hypnosis. There is no loss of self-control during the session.

It is this state of enlarged consciousness that allows us to put aside its limiting beliefs (the eating habits , the automatisms we have).

As with sophrology, hypnosis will increase the potential of the person, changing his negative behavior and transposing new behaviors. 

We repackage, to reprogram the unconscious while the person is between the day before and the sleep , in a state of well-being .

Hypnosis and thinness: what are the benefits?

During the first session, the practitioner seeks to know the person well, to identify the problem and the keys that can be used to answer it. This first meeting is also an opportunity to determine the number of sessions that will be needed to obtain results.

The brain does not know the negation, during the session, the practitioner will ensure to use only affirmations to guide the person under hypnosis.

The effects related to weight gain are numerous and depend directly on the problem of the person:

  • learn to manage eating urges (in some cases, bulimic behavior)
  • reduce stress, anxiety , who grow to eat
  • learn to better manage emotions , which are often the cause of snacking
  • accept your body, have a better self-image
  • control problem foods, which can be considered addictive, such as chocolate
  • regain the pleasure of eating certain foods
  • to blame with food
  • reconnect with feelings of hunger and satiety
  • know how to anticipate risk situations ( aperitifs , shopping at the supermarket …)

The secret of hypnosis on weight loss? During these sessions, we have the opportunity to recreate images, feelings inside the brain, it does not make the difference between the real (what is really lived) and the dream, the intentions. 

Thus, one reconciles one’s body and one’s mind by profoundly modifying the unconscious .

During this appointment, food advice can be provided: for people who go out a lot for meals, how to manage the temptations at the restaurant for example.

The number of sessions needed to resolve issues varies from person to person, but it usually takes 4-5 sessions to get results on eating behaviors.

Optimize your session to lose weight

To achieve results, in the short term and in the long term, it is essential to be decided, to make this decision for you, and not for others. 

Ask yourself the right questions before you start? Why do I want to lose weight? Who do I do it for? What do I gain from getting slim ?

To help you, in addition to making a commitment to yourself, you can affirm this decision to those around you, as if saying it made this step even more concrete and pushed you to go all the way. Then motivation will be needed at the level of self discipline.

Be patient, after a session, nothing is magic, the behavior will gradually change (especially, if you really want!). In addition, each night the unconscious continues to do its work …

Even if the first results on your eating habits are not obvious, know that during a hypnosis session, there are necessarily things that happen in the brain.

In addition, we can turn to cryotherapy with massage, which will help to perfect the silhouette after weight loss. The cold will help firm the tissues, reduce the appearance of orange peel, and help boost the metabolism.

Also, naturopathy that helps to understand diet, to make some adjustments in your eating habits, and to adopt a healthy lifestyle in the long term can be a real plus to increase your chances of success. 

And yes, because the more you explain things, the more you will be motivated!


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