Whether you have just met or lived in a relationship for years, our astrologer Marc Angel decrypts duets that form a Aries with other astrological signs.

Aries with a Aries

Explosive encounter guaranteed! Aries woman , you go every day in the ring to love yourself better. Yet, love is possible … if you agree to live to the rhythm of breaks and reconciliations. 

Plus: you understand better than anyone and know how to play cards on the table.

Aries with a Bull

Between you, it is the duel of the horned animals: your fighting spirit against its endurance. 

You must prove to him your love every day. To calm the game, it is in his interest to tame his jealousy. The plus: it is the torrid encounter between sensuality and virility.

Aries with a Gemini

You live on the same time, venerate interminable discussions, adore the unexpected. Together, you feel free, connected but not “attached”. It remains to prolong this relationship based on a certain lightness … 

The plus: you wield the art of living from day to day and that of being surprised.

Aries with a Cancer

First, you hit his great sensitivity, but you are attracted like magnets! You secretly dream of taming this charming little crab, which admires your daring, and even tries to draw inspiration from it. The plus: you find yourself around a beautiful emotion.

Aries with a Lion

Attention, ego fight to the program! You may have to fight every day to find your point of balance, but it’s worth it! Because, if you are seduced by the Lion’s charism, this one admires your courage. Plus: you have great admiration for each other.

Aries with a Virgin

On paper, it is not won … The Virgin is a little too discreet and reserved for you. Your impulsiveness and impatience sometimes scare him.

 However, if you manage to listen to yourself (without judging yourself or trying to change the other), you could achieve a beautiful harmony. Plus: You take advantage of everyone’s strengths.

Aries with a Libra

You face the zodiac: you love the confrontation as much as it, the conciliation. You build yourself in the challenge, when Libra does it in compromise. And yet, you are made for each other. The plus  : a relationship placed under the sign of sharing.

Aries with a Scorpion

Conflictual but exciting, such as the signature of your couple. You speak loudly when the scorpion weaves its web before capturing its prey by surprise. Sensually, the union is perfect. On the other hand, on a daily basis, your solitary souls have a hard time cohabiting. Plus: a duo of resistance to any test.

Aries with a Sagittarius

The alliance is almost too easy! You are each endowed with the same optimism, the same energy … and irresistibly attracted to each other.

 In addition, Sagittarius anticipates all your desires (or almost) and you adore that! This is not a reason to indulge in selfishness or unhealthy jealousy. The plus: together, you can live a lot of exciting adventures.

Aries with a Capricorn

The meeting is not very obvious … You have a hard time supporting his apparent indifference, hates him your big love flights. 

And yet, you are fascinated one by the other! Both have a strong character, you can find common ground, but it takes time (sexually too). 

Aries with an Aquarius

Intellectually, everything rolls! He is seduced by your fiery temperament, and you admire his originality. But the physical encounter (as emotional) is much more complicated. 

Indeed Aquarius has a tendency to flee passion, when you exhaust yourself to capture his interest. The plus: both very independent, you form a couple carried by freedom.

Aries with a Fish

More different, you die! Yet you are experiencing an almost magnetic attraction for each other. You are literally fascinated by the hyper-intuitive world of Pisces. 

Him, by the energy that you deploy. Between you, alchemy will be perfect … if you express your sometimes divergent feelings. Plus: you live on another planet.


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