Whether you have just met or lived in a relationship for years, our astrologer Marc Angel decrypts the duets that form a Gemini with the other astrological signs.

A Gemini with a Aries

The contact is fast Gemini woman, you are not fierce and do not offend your audacity.

 It gets bad when Aries starts claiming his leadership. But we can count on you to thwart the conflict of a pretty pirouette. Most: the same desire to always surprise.

A Gemini with a Bull

Catch Me If You Can ! That’s what you seem to whisper in his ear. Then commit a game of hide and seek where he leaves losing. But as he does not let go, you end up succumbing and appreciate his great sensuality. Plus: your different but complementary visions of love.

Gemini with a Gemini

It seems to stick right away, but when it comes to seating your love, it’s more complicated. If intellectual complicity and humor are at the center of your relationship (you are the brightest and funniest couple in the zodiac!), You have a hard time getting together. Plus: your common taste for adventure.

A Gemini with a Cancer

Your recklessness brings you closer. But as whimsical and unpredictable as the other, you tend to leave you, find yourself, leave you again … without ever being able to separate yourself frankly. Plus: together, you can laugh at everything.

A Gemini with a Lion

Even if you are impressed by “his majesty”, you do not show it and play casually. Stung in his pride, he comes out the big game and you are conquered. In society, you form a beautiful, charismatic alliance. 

In private, everyone must find his place not to encroach on the territory of the other. Most: your need to always be up to the other. It makes you progress!

Gemini with a Virgin

You have fun making her come out of her reserve, while she is seduced by your childhood charm. Both of them have a strong emotional quotient, you know how to find the word or gesture that will please the other. Plus:you take care of each other.

A Gemini with a Libra

It is the meeting of two experts in communication. You share the taste of storytelling and sharing. Together, you invent stories. Whether you live them or not does not matter, it’s magic that counts! Most: your ability to solve problems by talking to each other.

A Gemini with a Scorpion

Alchemy is delicate but if it takes, the result is unique. He is excited to take on the challenge of bringing you into his world. This stimulates your curiosity to the point of attempting the experiment …

And if finally the current passes, you do not leave any moreThe plus: a perfect balance between lightness and depth.

Gemini with a Sagittarius

Adventure is adventure! You roam the world or redo around a good drink. Together, you dream of going beyond new physical and intellectual boundaries. Most: the curiosity that drives you.

A Gemini with a Capricorn

He is a little suspicious of you, so superfluous are you. And yet, your ease fascinates him! As for you, you dream in secret to unravel the mystery of this great loner. 

The (real) meeting is delayed by misunderstandings or missed appointments. But when it is finally done, the result is great. Plus:the (subtle) marriage of improvisation and constancy

A Gemini with an Aquarius

In the blink of an eye, the contact is tied and the conversation started. Seduction comes in the background. It may even be that she takes time to incarnate because you are so intellectually fascinated.

 Sailing between love and friendship, you love to be together without promising anything. You soften his certainties, and let yourself be seduced by his fights. Plus:you form a committed couple.

A Gemini with a Fish

You have a hard time understanding yourself! He is not very receptive to your beautiful speeches, but admires your ease and the fluidity with which you approach life. 

And if you can not really break through its mystery, you are seduced by so much poetry. Once the connection is established, you live a relationship based on sharing. The plus: you do not imprison your love.


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