Whether you have just made a meeting or have been living with your partner for years, our astrologer Marc Angel decrypts the duos that a Taurus forms with the other astrological signs.

A bull with a ram

He is fiery and impatient, you, in real Taurus Woman , you are phlegm and endurance. Yet instead of fighting against each other, you move forward together.

 Your couple’s success ultimately depends on your tolerance of their independence needs. Plus: in bed, sensuality under high tension.

A bull with a bull

When you meet, you do not leave a footing and vibrate in unison, including under the duvet. 

But hyper dependent on each other, you risk confinement. The plus: two, you face to carry out your projects. ⋙ Woman and man Bull love: what you need to know

A Taurus with a Gemini

His humor makes you crack. He is impressed by your natural charm. But he is hesitant, even fluttering. 

Not very reassuring. If you want his happiness and respect his freedom, your story can work. Most: common professional projects have every chance of success!

A Bull with a Cancer

You are touched by his sensibility, him by your sensuality. Your relationship takes time to take off (modesty and security need oblige), but then, you protect your privacy against all odds. Most: The almost total absence of conflicts.

A bull with a lion

Between these two, love at first sight is inevitable! Everyday, it’s more complicated … You refuse to submit to his natural authority. Who will yield first? A track: if you let go, the union could prosper. Plus: your common penchant for the beautiful (and the good).

A bull with a virgin

At his side, you feel safe. Your jealousy is on pause and it is not displeasing to you. But here, even if it is reassuring, the Virgin misses a little too much interest for the sensual pleasures, and that can frustrate you. Most:everyday, you live in perfect harmony.

A Bull with a Libra

With her, you share the spirit of Venus who governs your sign. But you do not always have the same approach to love. You attach great importance to sexuality and Libra, to the intellect. 

However, it helps you to enjoy the moment and to stop ruminating. Most: your common passion for the arts.

A Bull with a Scorpion

This is probably the hottest meeting of the zodiac! Each captures the desires of the other in a flutter of eyelashes. But beyond a great physical complicity and love, the daily is a little tense.

 Scorpion, which ardently protects its secret garden, fuels your jealousy. Plus: a duet with exceptional sensuality.

A bull with a Sagittarius

You admire his intelligence and openness, he likes to rest on your strength. The problem is that Sagittarius is much more independent and adventurer than you.

 Do not try to restrain him under any circumstances, on pain of seeing him fleeing to freer lands. Most: you know how to listen to each other, ideal to find an agreement.

A Bull with a Capricorn

You are the strongest couple in the zodiac. Both possessive, attached to your home and reassured by stability, you have some points in common! Of course, it helps you live well together.

 Be careful, however, to stay open to the world and others, at the risk of locking yourself into a bubble sanitized too. Plus: you are made to last.

A Bull with an Aquarius

You are almost as possessive as he is independent! Forcibly, said like that, it is not won … And yet, love can work miracles if everyone puts theirs by agreeing to make some concessions. 

What if you made separate rooms? Plus: sexually, you mix perfectly games and pleasure. An explosive cocktail where laughter and pleasure are inevitably part!

A bull with a fish

Together, you play cat and mouse. It attracts you, but capturing its attention is far from obvious It seems to you elusive, sometimes ready to be caught in your nets, sometimes eager to escape. 

Yet he is attracted by your stability, which allows him to anchor himself in reality. Most: your couple is carried by sensuality and tenderness.


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