Eating popcorn is one of the unexpected slimming tips of Dr. Frédéric Saldmann, the famous doctor, cardiologist and nutritionist. Discover other amazing tips.

In his new book Vital (edited by Albin Michel), Dr. Frédéric Saldmann distills his precious health and slimming advice. Most amazing overview:

Popcorn, the snack “diet”

Not salty or sweet … but the nature version! 100g (a big salad bowl), it’s only 390 kcal. ” Swallowing an entire bowl of a food triggers a satietymechanism in the brain as if the stomach had been refueling, ” argues the expert. Popcorn has record fiber levels, nutrients that speed transit and increase satiation for hours!

The appetite suppressant porridge

Of cereals cooked long in the water, and then coarsely crushed, no salt, no sugar … is the magic bullet to weight the stomach permanently. 

To stall even more, Dr. Saldmann proposes to use infant anti-reflux milk rich in natural components, such as carouble, which weigh down the porridge! 

And if you add cinnamon, you will delay even more the gastric emptying. Another advantage: its moderate glycemic index (GI) prevents unintentional secretions of insulin by the pancreas that cause reaction hypoglycaemia at the origin of cravings.

Ginger, the aperitif light

” Let infuse roots carefully peeled in boiling water for 15 minutes, advises the famous doctor.Add a lemon squeezed, but no honey, no sugar .

” And here is an ideal aperitif that, in addition to its appetite suppressant, optimizes digestion by activating the secretion of digestive enzymes. Transit accelerated, gas diminished … and flat belly insured .

Artichoke anti sugar

Visually, it’s big on the plate. ” And what we see has an impact on our feeling of fullness, ” says Dr. Saldmann. In addition, drink a glass of water after your artichoke . 

You will find the sweet water as if you had a dessert in the middle of the meal! The insulin it contains sends a sweet end-clap signal to the brain, as if the meal is over. Result: naturally, we eat less after.

The eggplant sponge

Mini calories (about 30kcal / 100g) and packed with fiber and vitamins, it contributes to a good satiety. Cooked steam or with other vegetables, it will fill the stomach and play the role of natural appetite suppressant . Once ingested, it swells in the stomach … to the extent that it does not cook with fat!


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