In order for the figures displayed on the balance to match our weight as much as possible, it is best to know how to use the scale. How to do it ? The opinion of Dr. Nina Cohen-Koubi, nutritionist doctor.

The scale can be useful to have a look at our weight, that we want to maintain, take or lose a few pounds . 

Still it is necessary to know how to use this device a little wayward. Depending on the support on which it is placed, depending on the model or the time of day, the weight displayed on the scale may vary.

Tips for weighing yourself well

In order for the figures displayed on the scale to match our weight as much as possible, “it is better to weigh yourself in the morning, fasting and bare,” says Dr. Nina Cohen-Koubi, a nutritionist . 

Wearing a heavy sweater or weighing on the scale after eating a squeegee may distort the result. Similarly, if one does sports: weighing oneself after 40 minutes of joggingwill not give the exact weight, because the body has evacuated a lot of water.

The scale should be placed on a flat surface such as tile and avoid being used on carpet. 

She must always be in the same position. When standing on the device, barefoot, you have to stand up straight, without leaning forward and being relaxed. No need to lean against a wall, we do not cheat! To have a precise result, one can also measure one’s waist . “It’s a very good indicator to see the progression of a person’s weight loss , says the doctor.

Be careful not to be obsessed with numbers

Even with a balanced diet , the weight can change from one week to another, ranging from a difference of 500 grams to 2 kilos, especially because of the menstrual cycle . 

It must be taken into account and not to worry if the weight fluctuates slightly. In addition, it is better to weigh yourself weekly. “If some people weigh themselves every day, why not, but you have to be careful that these numbers do not become an obsession,”warns Dr. Nina Cohen-Koubi.

The specialist continues: “weighing yourself daily, morning noon and night, can cause stress in the individual. 

However, the stress hormone makes you want to eat to compensate, which can lead to weight gain “ . Weighing ourselves every day can become a vicious circle. “The success of weight loss requires appeasement, a framework, and especially not a headache.”


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